Interior Design

Architecural Interior Design and Planning

Your dreams and expectations will be transformed into functional, beautifully designed solutions, tailored to your personal preferences and budget. The following four principles are my guidelines for every project:


Maximize potential with a creative, custom-made, practical layout that flows perfectly within the structure of your home and creates comfortable spaces in which to live and host.
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Storage Solutions

Plan every detail of the multiple, diverse storage solutions that your family needs early on in the design process. When each item has its designated place, your home will remain neater, better organized and more aesthetic over time.

I believe that excellent storage solutions can improve your quality of life. Some of the storage space will be concealed and some will become aesthetic and unique elements of the interior design.

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Natural and Artificial Lighting

Lighting is an important interior design tool.

Maximize the natural light in your home and incorporate a variety of artificial lighting options as needed, to suit your preferences and your budget.

Harmony and Aesthetics

We will create a design language that is tailored just for you and your home, in which style, materials, colors, lighting, furniture and the finest details merge together in perfect harmony. We will find the perfect balance and proportions necessary to achieve a unique, complete and comprehensive design.

The design process

  1. Introductory session to meet the client, become familiar with the project and outline a program –define needs, budget and aspirations.
  2. Proposal of alternative options for dividing available space (when renovating or upgrading building contractor plans)

Produce a set of operational floor plans to be submitted to contractors for bids and execution

  Shopping assistance and support

Produce carpentry plans (if necessary) to be submitted for bids and execution

 High-level supervision

The process can be customized for each client to include only specific design stages.

Customers say:

"You were fully attentive to our dreams as well as our financial capabilities. With your flawless proffessional approach, you solved one problem after another and took advantage of every available centimeters for storage or other practical uses.
Our renovation project was an enormous success".

"Tal did an excellent job. She is precise and calculated and addressed all of our new home. She responded meticulously to our every comment, question and request".

"The shopping trips that we took with Tal as we prepatrd to renovate our home, were a pleasure. Tal's consrant  warm smile made us feel comfortable and confident. We made the best decisions un minimal time and felt that the sky was the limit. She offered precise advice about each and every detail. Thank you Tal!".

Dear Tal,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the renovation of our bathrooms . At every stage of the project you paid meticulous attention to the details and it really shows in the outcome .
The meterage we had was very limited and you managed to create beautiful , spacious feeling bathrooms. The design , as well as the choice of materials down to the exact placement ( and sometimes direction ) of each tile was exceptional.
It was a pleasure to work with you and it was especially a huge help when you dealt with the Kablan when various issues would arise . Your calm nature and advice were always helpful in managing the situation.
All the best. Hope to use your services again soon!
S. Family, Modiin