Design Services


Dividing space and positioning furniture


Interested in learning how to make the best use of
your space?

Do you have space that you want to maximize?

Contact me if:

You've recently purchased a house or apartment "on paper".

We wi'll work together to tailor the layout to your precise needs before construction begins.

You've purchased a second-hand apartment.

Large or small  modifications can make you feelright at home. home.

You're planning on adding on a new floor, basement or separate unit.

With proper planning, we'll make  the most of the additional space, while merging it seamlessly with the existing structure.

You are planning a full or partial renovation of your home.

The first and most important stage is to draft layout plans, optimally dividing the space and positioning walls and furniture.

You plan to redesignate an apartment.

A  residential home can be transformed into a guest studio, or divided  into smaller units to add an office, a clinic, or art studio.

You want to combine two apartments into one.

You'll need a new layout plan to re-divide the space.

Layout plans maximize the potential of a structure by presenting a creative, intelligent and functional floor plan. You can make the most of your space by dividing it in a way that is most convenient, aesthetic and practical for your needs.

Layout plans are the first and most critical design stage. Together, we'll create the best flow for your space and develop storage options and furnishing and lighting solutions. We'll consider various ways to reposition walls, plan the kitchen layout, and place the plumbing and furniture. This is also the best time to design plasterboard niches and ceilings to facilitate future air conditioning and lighting installations.

When this stage is complete, you'll have a clear layout plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Use these plans to proceed on your own or we can continue to work together on the interior design.

My interior design solutions create multiple, diverse storage solutions. These guarantee the aesthetics and uniqueness of each project.


Diverse, efficient storage solutions can improve your quality of life.

Customers say:

"We contacted you to help desigh a new layout for our apartment. The excelent plans, your creative ideas, and comprehensive approach that took every detail into account, completely transformed our apartment. The smal but impressive changes that you recommended made an enormous difference. When the renovation was over, our apartment was larger, more comfortable, and absolutely beautiful".

Home Styling

A quick process to help you style, refresh and upgrade your home, without extensive renovations. Our service is designed to suit your needs, budget and timeframe.

During our meeting, we suggest optimal layouts for the furniture in your home or help you select new furniture to maximize the area and make it feel more spacious.

Our familiarity with the vast selection of products available in stores will save you significant time and effort. We will refer you to the stores that best suit your needs, where you will be most likely to find home styling products suited to your tastes and budget. We protect our clients' best interests from the professional perspective when they deal with store owners and skilled professionals.

We'll accompany you on the shopping trips of your choice – lighting fixtures, finishing, colors, textiles and design apparel. We'll produce enjoyable, impressive results in no time.

Customer Say:

"You skillfully matched the lighting, carpentry' materials, coors and accessories to create perfect harmony in our home".

"You helped me make the best selections from an endless sea of possibilities. The shopping trips that we took together were very effIcient. We clearly defined our objectiveseach day and always met them".

"Tal led us hand-in-hand on two extremely efficient shopping trips. They were days filled eith purchases and choices, onstant thought and brainstorming and so many decisions to be made. And most important, they were days filed with excellent recommendations and a wonderful, comfortable feeling, thanks to Tal. She gave us professional, useful advice that helpd us make the best decisions We came home happy and confident with our purchases".

Pre-Acquisition Consultation

Consultation before purchasing property is crucial to making the right decision

We assess the location or review the contractor plans from a professional, architectural perspective and prepare several proposals for maximizing the asset's potential, for your consideration. We will provide invaluable information and help you list your needs and expectations. This information will put you at a significant advantage during negotiations.

Happy Hour

A one-time consultation meeting to brainstorm about planning and design

Thinking of renovating but don't know where to start? Debating whether and how much to invest in home or office design, and what to focus on? Have questions to ask or problems to resolve at any stage of renovation or construction? Need design or planning advice?

Happy Hour was devised to accommodate the many clients who contacted us for consultation but were not interested in a long-term commitment. During your Happy Hour, you can ask question, describe your needs or present problems and deliberations and we'll help you make sense of it all. As experienced professionals, we comprehend the potential of any space and can plan several steps ahead. We will help you open your mind to new, creative possibilities that you may not have considered and offer practical advice and implementation tips. We will describe the implications of each design process that we discuss during the meeting and help you prioritize your decisions. We will help you focus on what to invest in and how.

3D Simulations

One simulation is worth a thousand words

Our studio prepares computerized 3D simulations, per customer request. This is the most innovative and effective way of representing the space and helping clients fully understand their project and make decisions.

Design for Religious Homes

Customized designs for religious families

Interior design is a significant and very personal process that has a powerful impact on the atmosphere and daily routine in the home. A religious home has unique and well-defined characteristics.

Over the years I have accumulated vast experience designing homes for religious clients. My clients benefit from smooth correspondence that makes them feel comfortable while working with me.

My deep understanding of interior design and the clients' need helps me take all of those practical, emotional and social considerations into account during the early planning stages and to smoothly integrate them into the project.

I know how to find solutions for all of the unique needs of a religious family, including:

Large kitchens that hold multiple sets of dishes, spacious and stylish bookshelves, glass display cases, hand-washing area, multiple and diverse storage, various options for hosting guests, unique Shabbat lighting solutions, and accommodating the operational systems in the home for Shabbat use.

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